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June 4, 2019 9:16 pm  

If that's how you teach it, or how your kids execute it,  you have no business using it!

When I install "dirt clown", I take a full indy session to teach the rules, by the book. If you missed "dirt clown" day, you don't get to "dirt clown" until you are willing to show up early or hang around late for the full teaching session. After I've gone over the rules, including the "chop" vs "cut", I teach the following blocks in order of "nice" to "nasty".

1. Superman. Dive in front of the defender and do a push up. Let him make contact.
2. Crab. Fists in the grass on the far side of the defenders far foot. Hips high, then crab sideways.
3. Shoeshine. Far hand across the far foot. This will get a shoulder into the shin.
4. Cut. Far shoulder to far knee.

The debate on #4 has been beat to death on this and other forums. Mahonz hates it and so do a lot of guys. My response is that it's 100% within the rules and as soon as we injure a kid, I will stop teaching it. Going on 13 seasons so far and no injuries. Coaches have no problem with a 100lb mismatch over my center and celebrating when he gets hurt. I prefer teaching him to cut block over telling him that he has to "want it more".

When in doot . . . glass and oot.

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