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One of the ways that I was considering creating revenue for the site's expenses was to post links to Amazon that would get us a percentage of any sales generated from those links. The benefit of this over Google Adsense is that I get to choose exactly what it looks like and where it is positioned. What I would like from you guys is a suggestion of products that you would likely purchase, be they big or small.

For instance, when I was coaching, I did not like the footballs that my org provided, so I would buy a half a dozen or so of the kind I liked each season. That is a smaller item that would only bring in one dollar or so per ball, but every little bit helps.

In addition to suggestion on products, where do you think these links should be placed so that they are seen but do not take away from the experience. I do not like the idea of placing them within a topic as that interrupts the flow.

Let me know what you think so that I can make this forum the way you like it.

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Cones, foot ladders, footballs, vests, mouthpieces, blocking shields, Gatorade jugs, water bottles, stop watches

I'll think of more

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