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I saw that... I didn't comment on FB because you guys already know what I think 🙂

Oh I definitely think the learning to teach should be one of, if not the pillar of our new blog.


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These are topics I've come across.  From what I've seen/read it seems there's a real shift in how we should be coaching as we move forward.  No method is one size fits all.  Nor is it all or nothing.  Different sports require more of one method than another and each has shown success.  Some methods are better at creating long term retention though (that's science talking)

Possible sub topics (if it becomes a new section, or even if it doesn't):

1.  Belief Based Coaching vs. Fact Based Coaching (This is how we've always done it vs. Science says...)
2.  Block vs. Random Instruction (Repeating the same movement over and over again vs. using a multitude of movements/skills controlled by constraints in a game like scenario)
3.  Explicit vs. Implicit (Telling the athlete exactly what to do vs. Athlete learning without them realizing they’re learning)

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Which is why teaching that reaches all the different learning styles is whats needed.

There is no cookie cutter approach to learning, so there is no cookie cuter approach to teaching / coaching.

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