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no special teams? does it hurt?

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Big sigh.  The point is that all defense boils down to man to man principles and teaches kids proper defensive technique (foot fight, drop step, help side, help the helper, etc.).  The point that some trapping defenses are difficult to teach has nothing to do with the point.  Any coach at higher levels will tell you to run exclusively (or close) man defense.  Zones can be taught later and every zone defense is run differently, so teaching them now does nothing.  And, running plays?  We call it granimals youth basketball at clinics.  Complete waste of time.

Well one problem here is that my original post in this thread about zones was just to say that all zones are not equal....some are tough to teach.  I wasn't really commenting on the point that you are pointing out to me.

I guess you could say that all defenses use man to man principles, but I personally say that all defenses use certain defensive basketball principles.  Man to man is just another defense like a zone, and they all use certain principles...sure!  But that's semantics.

I disagree that teaching someone zone defense at a young age does them nothing.  We're now getting into differences in coaches and that is multi-sport.  To go back to football, that is like saying Coach A is wasting his time teaching his team a 6-3 defense because he teaches it different (with different techniques and positioning) than Coach B who will be their coach in high school or college.  Take basketball again, a kid that learns a 1-3-1 defense at the age of 10 and goes on to varsity high school basketball and has a coach that teaches a 1-3-1 defense will be more familiar and comfortable right off the bat than a kid that was never exposed to a 1-3-1 defense at all......even with that varsity high school coach teaching it differently than the first kid learned it at age 10.

Just because I do believe in zone defense for youth basketball doesn't mean my boys don't learn man to man.  Like I said we do learn it but use it very sparingly.  When I coached at 8 and 9 year old levels (I'm at 11's right now) I used strictly man to man defense in a REC league.  I had too many opposing coaches complaining to me when we were up by at least 10 points that my players were playing them too aggressively and kept stealing the ball or they couldn't even get passes off because my boys were denying the pass with a tight man to man defense.  So I use it very sparingly these days.

As for running plays, my kids know a couple.  Some might even call them basic offense.  For instance one is just to set picks and a pick and roll.  But I've found that if you don't have a play call for it at the younger ages the kids tend to not do it at all and just run up and down the court like they are in the NBA.  Unless of course you've got time to teach a motion offensive flow or something......but that's another story.  The other play we run is only used maybe once every game or two and is for situations where there isn't much time on the clock and we need to get open for a shot quickly.

What's interesting about your comments and the whole clinic thing and what "we" say is that you and the "we" are not keeping an open mind.  The "we" are acting as if they know everything and because they wouldn't do it then it must be wrong.  I think this youth football board alone should be enough to show you that different coaches have different philosophies and ideas, and they all can have advantages.........and everyone can really learn something from anyone if they keep an open mind to it.

Sadly, this is why I usually don't get into these types of discussions on here and originally hesitated before even commenting.  I'll go back to grabbing the popcorn and staying out of these types of conversations though.  Saves me from feeling like I have to defend my post from close-minded coaches.

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I've seen three basketball practices in my life, and two of them were these guys, so I think my perspective might be a little warped:

The other was a high school practice, and the coach had coached the state champions at a different school the year before.

And I own this:

OK, really warped.

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OK, really warped.

You're just trying to make me sad/upset that Virginia made (another) early exit.  Curse you ...

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