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Special Team Drills

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Just wondered if there are any suggested unkitted special team individual drills ? What do Coaches do with linemen in this period ?

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If youre not on a special team we work block avoidance with the rest.

Teaching tamahawk ect.

Our special team period is 10 minutes a day.

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.

Bob Goodman
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Just wondered if there are any suggested unkitted special team individual drills?

One thing you can easily drill & check is players maintaining their lanes & converging properly on deep kick coverage.  If by "individual drills" you mean you really have the use of just a single player at a time, you can still check that he's taking the correct path as per his assignment.  You can also see if he's filling properly by setting up cones downfield to represent teammates and then having a coach remove a nearby cone while the player's on the run to simulate a teammate's being blocked out of the play.

A kicker can of course be drilled in the styles of kicks you're using.  A punter or place kick holder can be drilled fielding snaps of different accuracy.

Many others of the skills that'd be useful you may or may not be allowed to drill unkitted.  Unopposed loose ball recovery by a single player shouldn't be a problem, but your organiz'n may object to drilling it with multiple players whether representing opposition or teammates.