Baylor "Veer & Shoot" offense  


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October 25, 2018 11:05 am  

Great article on Baylor's offense and their vertical passing game. Gives players a lot of freedom on routes.

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October 25, 2018 4:50 pm  

My understanding was that their vertical choice passing game under Briles was even simpler than what's described here, but Briles was notoriously cagey about giving out info.

Basically, they liked to use a 7 man protection with this, which is really where you should start.  I don't think protection was touched on in this article, but i twas vital to give the QB time to stand in the pocket and make those throws.  Usually it was the H-Back and RB staying in to give the QB time to make the play downfield.

Then the rule for the designated choice receiver was simply "you get one move to get open deep."  That was it.  It would wind up looking like a post, fade, or streak much of the time... but all the receiver was doing was attacking vertical and trying to beat that one receiver deep for a TD.

The other receivers were simply told to "settle it down" at about 10 yards to save their legs, which usually wound up looking like a curl against zone and maybe a dig against man.

When you have a group of track star WRs who run 4.3 that was about all you need.

They did a lot of other cool stuff with the way they'd divide the field into 1/3s and use pre-snap RPOs based off defenders' leverage.  I've also heard they had some 3rd level RPOs to read Safeties for Post routes, but others have said those were actually called PAP with really good fakes.

Either way, it wasn't that complicated, but with the kind of speed and overall talent Briles recruited there it sure worked well.  Houston is doing the closest thing to those Baylor teams now that they have Kendal Briles as OC.

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October 28, 2018 6:09 pm  

You can buy season cutups from the Brile years. It’s that hard to piece together what they were doing.