DE's in coverage  


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July 24, 2018 6:38 am  

So, getting ready for the season...

In week one, we are playing a team who beat us badly twice last season, the first time, it was because...well, we really weren't ready...the second time, the officials screwed us, wouldn't call pass interference, called an incomplete pass a fumble, etc...

Anywho, coach is convinced he knows how to beat us, every time he plays us...and he is not afraid to run his mouth about how he is going to beat us...we were also a little predictable last season, if we were in a one back set, we were probably throwing, if a two back set, we were probably running...I have talked to my OC, and told him that had to change...we have had some white board sessions and I think he understands how we can throw from a two back set and run from a single back we are not so transparent...

Well, his plan this year is coverage, he is going to drop his DE's into coverage...I guess to have 6 or 7 in coverage...the obvious solution is to run the ball at him, Power, Power and more Power. But, what if I want to throw the ball against this?

I am thinking he is dropping his DEs to take away the slant route and flat routes to the, Slugo should work...Flood concepts like Sail or Space should work...a tunnel screen (outside in) should work with the DE bailing, creates a seam to run in I I on the right track? What else should I be thinking about?

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July 24, 2018 6:51 am  

Def ends in coverage? Prob flats,  maybe seam, no further back then curl ide imagine.

Dropping means reading... reading means keys. If theyre good at keys  take advantage

1. Draw play
2. Running back screen

If the def ends arent used to dropping theyre not gonna be good at it.

3. Have a pass from 2 back ready, in the area these ends are dropping

4. Have a run from one back, where these ends are dropping

A frustrated kid +pissed off coach = tilted player, which is great for you

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July 24, 2018 8:58 am  

DE's dropping in youth football?  Good god......I'd run QB Power like you said until they stop dropping and then I'd run a Jump Pass to punish them for correcting their pain point.  The only time I've put DE's in coverage is in a 3-5, and they go to flats on a pass read, AND they are actually OLB's who line up like DE's  🙂

Oh.....and to actually answer your question......a shovel pass would be a killer and it'd be a pretty safe play as well...since it's a forward pass and incomplete if dropped.