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Commisioners responsibilities for home games

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Our leagues president and commisioner are in dispute with the flag and mighty mite coaches right now.

We have a home game this weekend and the commisioner has already said that he is attending the presidents team's game about 45 min away.

So basically flag and MM are responsible for the entire home game and everything that goes along with it.

Is this acceptable under pop warners rules?

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I dont know if its acceptable under PW rules. I would venture to guess its not. You should have a site director who isnt a coach available at all of your games.

If your Commissioner is going to the Presidents game who is going to be in charge of the site your other teams will be playing on? Do you have a deputy commissioner or a vice president who can assume that authority?

I coach Tiny Mites and am Association President. But when my team is on the field, I am not the site director. Either our Football Commissioner or our VP assume that role while I am coaching. When they are coaching I am site director.

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I don't know if there is a rule across all regions. Our region requires an association board member to be present at all games. It doesn't have to be the president - can be scholastics, treasurer, etc.