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d.b.a. Warriors since 1952, now Inc.

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We had our coaches' meeting July 1, and Joe DiSimone pointed out something I hadn't realized.  Although our Web site reflected this, I'd never realized it wasn't just a slight name change.  Until this year, the club had never before been incorporated.  Maybe that's why Joe's listed as Pres. & CEO, while Jay had been Director of Football Operations (his late wife Dir. of Cheer Operations); it's an actual reorganiz'n, so new titles.  When I saw the "Inc.", I'd just been assuming they'd been so for a long time; it's not like I'd ever seen their checks or something.

Putting "League" instead of "Club" on the masthead makes sense, because they've been playing house ball for decades.  Of course they're still both a club & a league, so it's not a league of the type that a club could join.  The administrators look with disfavor on travel ball, which they find to be relatively disorganized in this area.  (We call any kind of extramural play "travel", regardless of how far teams would travel.)  Sometimes, though, I wonder whether that's just bluster.  Maybe it was a trial balloon when, discussing the possible formats of competition for the coming season, one of them said, "We could field travel teams instead," before dismissing the idea as possibly a joke.

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We had our coaches' meeting July 1, and Joe DiSimone pointed out something I hadn't realized.

Oh, the possibilities...

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