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Free Group Text App

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So I was tasked with setting up group texting for the new team. I researched a bunch of apps and services. What I wanted was an app/service that would allow Mahonz or the team manager to send a group text without allowing everyone in the conversation to reply. I was part of something like that in a hockey tournament once and that week was hell. My phone wouldn't stop buzzing for a week. There are plenty of SMS marketing apps out there that will do it, but they tend to cost upwards of $40 per month. Eventually, I found Rained Out:

Its free, but there will be ads. You can kill the ads for $9.99 a month, but the ads aren't bad at all.

Once you set it up, you can send SMS messages by:
1) Sending a text
2) Website via computer
3) Website via smartphone

Anyway, I hope someone can get some use out of it as well. Setup wasn't too hard, but no entirely simple either. Reply in this thread if you need help and I'll do my best.

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The two apps that my kids' coaches used are TeamApp and Remind.

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We have SIPlay for teams as part of required registration.  It is not free, but it does allow for texting and emailing of the group without the ability for people to reply to the entire group.

However, we have found that setting up a private Facebook group that parents join works best for us.  Most people have the app on their phone already and it also allows us to capture photos from the season and have more complete communications.  Used it last night to let everyone know that practice was canceled immediately due to lightning. 

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The two apps that my kids' coaches used are TeamApp and Remind.

Remind is great.  There is a character limit on your messages so sometimes I have to preface mine with the opening line of (1of3) or something, but it's great.

The school district I coach in uses Remind.

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MY sons baseball team used Whats App.  I thought it worked great. Going to use it for my team this year. 

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I have been looking for something like this.  There have been times where storms roll through in the middle of practice, and we need parents to pick up ASAP.

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We used Team App, which seemed pretty good.


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We use remind for official stuff, and the parents use groupme for scheduling girls nights out...and other social events 🙂

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