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Meet and Greet

Dusty Ol Fart
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Took advantage of an opportunity to finally have a sit down chat with Dave Potter.  I have always admired his approach to the game and dealing with kids.  While there were a few X and O type stuff, the conversation was more about building confidence, breaking down barriers, getting kids "involved' in developing their own success. Getting them to participate in their own growth. 

The one thing that came up many times is.  "You Want In, Get In".  I'll let Dave go more in depth but, the impetus is you want the job, go take it!  One of his boys got "Very Creative" with the concept. 

We also had out "Tool Time" home remodeling talk.  LOL

I had an amazing time listening and talking with Dave.  The man is so much more than X and O's.  I will "borrow" some of his play installation Ideas as well.  I just hope I didn't Bore him to death. 

DC has some really great folks (Coaches) on this Site.  Unlike some other sites, they are willing to share. 

Thanks Dave!    Dusty

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂

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Scott, I enjoyed the get-together.  I’ve had the great fortune to meet so many coaches on this site; coaches that I consider friends.  You’re certainly one of them.  And yeah, the Tool Time comparo was great.  I went to Menards and bought another $160 of stuff.  lol


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