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So I saw some posted pictures of my kids playing Basketball.  I saw one whom I did not know.  Posted a few things on Facebook and my parents and his Mom replies!!!  Foot in the door! 

A few more Parents add commentary as does a Coach.  My Tongue and Cheek reply was.

Pass the plate Brother Dean. We are but a Poor Congregation but, we will Rise Up and open the Whole Can of Whoop Arse, whenever possible! Can I get an AMEN! 😉

All in Good Fun.  Yet, my fellow Coaches, I have Moms attention!  I can continue to press gently.  What do I see? Potential!  Guard, Tackle, Linebacker!  A Wide Body who can move!  If he makes weight Running Back!  For all intent and purpose, a kid who could play Football but isnt, for some reason.  Its my Job to find out why!  Moreover,
I see an athlete! 

You want to expand your Roster, you gotta use all your witts and sell your approach! 

My Approch?  Wins come from ones ability to execute! Players come from ones ability to make it Fun to execute!  I endeavor to make it fun!  🙂

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂

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I’ve been facebook recruiting for a number of years now. It’s tbe only reason I have an account. In the last 3 season i’d estimate i’ve gotten 9-12 players from FB recruting.

Really not a fan of social media. I think it’s really damaging the human brain. But it’s def great for recruiting.

It's all about having fun.  But losing aint fun!

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Social media has a huge outreach.  Bigger than I even thought.  To piggyback this recruiting topic, I started my own spring/fall basketball club back in Spring 2016.  We had one team made up of 9 girls.  This spring, our 4th spring season, we will have 5 teams and over 50 girls playing for us.  It's all been done through putting a quality product on the court to build the beginnings of a reputation and then using that rep, connections and word of mouth to keep building teams. 

We have a facebook and twitter account and I created a webpage through google sites that is very easy to maintain and update right from my phone.  The twitter and facebook thing has been huge lately.  We tweet out little notes and links when any of our players are in the newspaper or their school team accounts tweet something about them.  We tweet birthday wishes to our players.  In the past couple months we have had more people reach out to us because of internet searches or someone retweeting or liking a tweet than ever before and that has helped us pick up several new players to build a couple new teams. 

One parent told me they were looking at a couple different clubs online and it was the presentation of our website that gave off a professional feel to it.  Then after talking with me he said he felt even more assured.

We've had players leave to go to bigger clubs with more connections and then a year later want to come back to us.  Besides player development, the next biggest thing people enjoy about our club is the family atmosphere.  Players from all teams know each other, get along well, hang out on road trips at tournaments.  Parents all seem to get along great and are very supportive.  We've been lucky to not have had to deal with too much drama that seems to follow the aau basketball circuit.  I know we're still a young club, but I don't foresee too much drama ahead of us either.  One of my goals is to always bring in good people.  Not just good players.

You've also got to be yourself when you are talking to parents about their kids playing for you.  Don't sell them something you're not.  These are parents looking out for the best interest of their child.  That should come first, in my opinion.  I've been told no a ton of times.  It's easier to take after 4 years than it was during that first year just trying to get those original 9 players.

I realize my rant is all over the place, but I want coaches to know that recruiting is possible even when you think you'll never get your numbers.  But it takes work!  You can't expect players and parents to just come flocking your way, especially in the early years when you are first trying to build.