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Thats a load of junk!

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Spent 5 hours cleaning out our storage facility (30X30 Garage). 

Filled a roll off dumpster full and loaded another trailer full of scrap metal.  Amazing what one keeps in hopes of another use or two.  Scrapped our old Grill, A Lighted Sign, Old Bleacher parts, Freezer, about 50 helmets (Seems they cant recycle the helmet plastic).  Snap pads and pants.  A myriad of cleats, practice pants, jerseys,  Just "Stuff" we thought we could use to supplement some folks in need.  We received far more than we could use.  Much of the football related material we previously put on donation sites with no takers (?).  Certainly amazing how much one collects over the years, in hopes to fulfill a need. 

Next up, Oil Changes and Blade Sharpening for the Mowers.  Reorganize the Practice Trailer.  Order tape and Ice Packs.  Send Helmets out for recon.  Rearrange shoulder pads by size.  Put 7 piece pads sets together. Order additional jersey's and pants to replace the old stuff. 

This is the behind the scenes kind of stuff that happens in the off season.  All you gents who think this stuff happens by "Magic Elves".......Guess again!  Football is 12 months a year for some.  8)

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂