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Coaching vs programming

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Reading an older article made referance to a point that "advanced athletes dont need programming as much as they do need coaching".  The author was 100% correct in strength sports the term "coach" is abused. Most dont even have credentials to personal train at a planet fitness, let alone prep an athelte for a strength sport.

As in football, i think theres a point where the players dont need as much "scheme" as they do "technique or skill".  I supplied the qoute from the article below:

"Well, because one must know how to ‘deliver’ one’s strength on the competing platform. The object of today’s trainers is not to teach an athlete the correct way to lift a barbell. Most important, he must teach him to reason and make important decisions independently. Without thought there’s no creation. And without creation, progress in our difficult work is impossible."

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.