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I've been using a kettlebell swing progression with the high school rugby guys and gals.  Been at it since June. 


Guys work with a 48kg kettle

Ladies work with  24kg kettle


We hit bags today and did a lot of form tackle work. The hips explosion is light-years better. Our jumpers are hitting new heights litterally and our short burst sprinting seems faster. 


We kettle as many times a week as we can using a progression of volume. Strated at 3 sets of 5, then added a set every week until we reached 10 sets. At this point we added 2 reps to each set a week and stopped at 10 reps.  We then upped weight to the next kettle and started over. This progression also counts toward our other movements. 


Our workout has been dips, chins, kettle swing, and goblet squats.  We don't have a team weight center so all this needs to be done on their own. We had some team workouts at my gym but the drop in fee becomes a lot after some time. Only about 30 of 70 total players signed up.  We log our workouts on Google sheets so I have an idea of what their doing. It's very honor system. 


Anywho it was a successful experiment with little to no equipment. 

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