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Don't drop the barbell challenge

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Head Coach text me yesterday morning. "I wanna test our guys progress, I know you're not a fan of testing but I want to see where we are".  BIG EYE ROLL.  I respond with "what test you want".  The reply you pick I just want to see the progress we made with you this off season. 


Light bulb.


Don't put the bar down challenge.  

Lineman - 185 lbs 

Backs/other- 135lbs 


The challenge keep the barbell off the ground, bonus: for each complete rep of an exercise we will add 5 secs to your time. You can only do the exercises we do in training. You can do any exercise you want the bar touches the ground times up. You can just pick up the bar and hold it. 


Let's just say this may be my new jam.  We have kids doing reps with a 135lb barbell for over 3 minutes of "challenge time"  with the most creative complexes.  


The most popular one - clean, to press, to squat, then press, then squat.. eventually kid did rows and dropped it lol. 


Super fun!





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That's awesome.  One of my favorite things we did during weight lifting for basketball, was during the burnout period at the end of the workout.  Squat and hold a 25 lb plate out in front of you for as long as you could.  Hold it until you drop it. 

At 6'5" 180, at the time. I wasn't near as strong as a lot of the other dudes, but mentally I could kick their ass.  Won it almost every time.

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