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Dynamic warm up and strength stuff

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In another thread i shared our youth gpp idea and thought it be a great topic to put here for folks to share.

This in no pads week

Distance is 10 meters. This is meant to be lax and get blood moving, not boot camp. One line straight across, we also introduce cadence here.

Low kicks to high kicks.
Low knees to high knees.
Narrow steps with a small sit down to wide steps with a very low sit down.
On one leg, swing the other to the side at increasing angles.

Hand release push ups 10 (add 2 each day until we hit 20)

Dead bugs 10 (add 2 each day until we hit 30)

Once we hit the 20 or 30 rep mark, we change the exercise. For push ups we go into regular push ups with a 3 count static hold and abs we go into planks.

Sled push on 5 man sled. 8 sets or so of 5 sec pushes. Arms extended on the pad, we introduce "fit" and body level here. *in season we use 12 perfect blocks and tackling progression on mondays, sled pushes on weds, thursday we go right into group.

This whole sesh takes about 20 min. Then we get into group football drills.

After 4 groups complete their 10 min drill circuit we go into a circle for our take on dp's circle of death. We dont compare in duration or intensity however we get a lot out of it.  Here we do varying jumps, push ups, and sit ups. Worthy players get coaches water bottle. Here we jump for height, distance, split jumps, static holds in 3 and 4 point stances and sometimes a squat position.

Another rotation  of drill circuit then we do some dc46 speed drills. For those hit clark up, we use a goor amount of his stuff.

With 5 minutes left we cool down with static stretching. Standed and seated hammys, hip flexor, shoulders, and back stretching.

Our pre season practices are 2.5 hours with 80 minutes of football drill and 40 minutes of gpp. We shave off things during the season for time as our practices are cut down to 2 hours.  In season we either do dc46 speed drills or circle in between sesssions.

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.

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All good stuff

However for me- we do a 6 minute dynamic warm up that is all about football skills- high knees out of stance on cadence, butt kickers out of stance on cadence
Angle form tackle fits

In the course of a seasons time we gain 20 minutes of football stuff over guys who do this stuff every practice
May not sound like much

But 4 x per week for 3 weeks then 3 x per week for the next 11 weeks
Then add in pregame if this stuff is done then Im picking up over 10 hours of practice time

We see teams that do a lot of this stuff- then waste time on set aside conditioning and we are picking up 20+ hours on them
It shows itself on the field- on the scoreboard

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Our Dynamic Stretch period is 15 minutes. Not only do we include your mention movements but we use this period to practice cadence. No whistles are used in this period the QB's call cadence to start the next line. Just an additional thought.