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Facebook Weight room Attendance incentive

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I belong to a few football groups on the socials. Normally it's garbage questions with unrealistic and pompas answers. 


Yesterday a coach asked about other high school programs incentivizing off season weight room work.  One reply was genius:


"We take an attendance picture at the end of every workout making sure all players are in it (group photo).  We then post it on our socials and tag any parent of a player who follows our socials". 


This is simple and genius in my opinion. Increase visibility for your program, makes kids attend to be apart of the activity, assures parents their kids actually went to workout, and can help cement sponsorships because of this visibility. 


Small tip from the odd world of social media.  Use everything at your disposal even if you still have a flip phone haha.

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.