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"Fighting is for fight night"

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Another year has went by and got my return feedback from the programs i have helped (3) with off season and pre season s&c. The feedback was mainly "quality improvement". We improved what they had, we didnt create monsters, just made the kids better. Would seem this is an obvious goal, this is why programs suffer. Make them better not just tired.

The kids injury rates are lower, attendance is high at work outs (huge plus, one program was up 30%) , physical change was high moderate (avg about 6lbs gained per player per team) , performance in testing exceeded expectation.

We got more kids to come in and train more often and with better results than captain crazy's wheres the puke bucket type of coach.

Anyway what i did came from a talk i had with Michael once about "flow" and how he used it in rowing. Then i found a clip on Rogan.

What is flow (yes the link is correct):

Training athletes using flow:

"Fighting is for fight night, practice is just for practice. "

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.

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I heard that podcast last fall...super interesting. The stuff in the last 30-40 minutes of that episode blew my mind.