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First team conditioning

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Yesterday the high school team had a community service project followed by a team conditioning session. 

I don't agree with the idea of doing both same day but I'm not the head coach.  Anyway short notice I ran Chuck Liddell's "black jack".  The following is a direct copy and paste. 


20 Burpees

1 Dive Bomber/Hindu Push-Up

19 Burpees

2 Dive Bombers/Hindu Push-Ups

18 Burpees

3 Dive Bombers/Hindu Push-Ups

17 Burpees

4 Dive Bombers/Hindu Push-Ups

16 Burpees

5 Dive Bomber/Hindu Push-Ups

Continue until…

1 Burpee

20 Dive Bombers/Hindu Push-Ups


I can't stand burpees but I also didn't wanna run these kids because just running is boring for everyone. We took about 60 secs between "sets".  My goal isn't to gas the boys ever as the benefit is minimal long term.  This 30 minutes ish.


Hindu pushups were a stable during my wrestling days and the player is less able to cheat, the same can be done with hand release push ups. 


Hindu pushups :





I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.