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Lessons from Mike Webster

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I am too young to have seen him or heard of him...i know this. But when i learned he was a catalyst to strength training in football i became all ears.

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.

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You should look up Boyd Epley.  The guy pretty much invented modern strength training for football at Nebraska when Tom Osborne noticed that injured players were coming back stronger, faster, and more explosive after rehabbing with Epley in the late '60s.  Osborne and the HC at the time hired Epley as the first full time college S&C coach when they saw the results he was getting as just a trainer in the community.

He went on to build the Nebraska Cornhuskers up into one of the most physically dominating powerhouses in football in the 80s and 90s--which is even more impressive when you consider how many of those OL, DL, FBs, LBs, and TEs were walk-ons who nobody had wanted in HS!  Along the way, he pioneered most of the ideas and techniques that elite programs use today, including bringing a mobile gym with them to bowl games so the players could continue to lift and train in an appropriate way year-round.

His stuff still holds up and you can buy his Husker Power manual for around $20 or something from his website.  Lots of compound lifts and Olympic stuff to focus on building explosion as well as an integrated speed and agility program that was light years ahead of its time.  I love his use of Jerk Squats with very low weight as an efficient whole body dynamic warmup.

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I saw Epley at a Glazier.  His talk was great.

One thing that was really interesting was that when discussing the weights of football players, within the program, they used the players lean body mass only.  So if a guy was 240 with 10% body fat, he was considered to be 216.  If a guys was 300 with 20% body fat, he was considered to be 240.  So as far as they were concerned, the two guys were just 216 and 240.  And bigger was better, at least for any particular player.

I could be wrong, of course.

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