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My high school lineman are slugs

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So recently a lot of the kids on the high school team haven't been doing their conditioning and it's been evident, mainly the lineman. They all wanna be "bodybuilders" and stay in the weight room which is better than nothing. I'm here to share what I sent all of them to do outside of summer workouts because they all look like slugs and frankly have been sucking wind when any running outside of our warm up is done. Maybe it'll help some of your kids. 


There are 3 options. Cycle through these and try to get these 3 done on separate days. So minimum 3 days a week. After each session do some light stretching and foam rolling. Stay hydrated and replenish with good food and water 

Once 3 sets of these become easy add 1 set. These aren't long sessions. You are what you put into these. 

Distance running

1 lap or 400m complete in 2:30. If you don't run another lap. 3 sets take a 5 minute break between sets 

General conditioning

Find a hill of good length and severity. Sprint up and walk down and sprint again. Vary your stances from O line and D line at the start. 

Focus on 10 hard sprints as 1 set, no breaks except the walk down the hill. After 10  take 90 sec to 2 min break, grab some water breathe and go again.



Game conditioning 

Base step right and sprint 7 yards.

Pull left and sprint 10 yards.

Pass set right and sprint 30 yards.

Base left and sprint 20 yards.

Angle step right and sprint 5 yards.

Pass slide left and sprint 30 yards.

Scoop step left and sprint 10 yards.

Scoop step right and sprint 8 yards.

Angle step left and sprint 15 yards.

Pull right and sprint 12 yards.

That’s one set. Rest 90 seconds and repeat. Start with three sets and work up to six sets



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