Quarantine workouts for the students  


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March 27, 2020 12:05 pm  

First the players: no access to equipment, time, distractions.  Using fitness tracker to monitor. Workout should take 30 minutes tops.

Playgrounds are everywhere but so is covid (use your gloves), the recommendations given were:  5 workouts a week, same workout repeated. Progress as designated.


Dips and chins  : start by doing 5 sets at a rate of perceived exertion level 6/7.  So if you can do 30 reps with 30 being your failure point...we recommend 15-20.  You're going to do the same reps for 5 sets over 5 days.  Then increase by 2 reps the next week if possible and continue. 

-No access to do dips or chins. Find bricks and do push ups with renegade rows. Push up followed by a row by each arm. This will one complete rep.  Reach rpe 7 and progress same as dips and chin.  


Hollow position: continue progression to goal time in full hollow. 


Sled drags, weighted carry, car pushes:  pick one. 5 trips- 50 yds increase, 1 trip per week until you reach 10 then add 10 yds a week.


You can drag damn near any thing.  Easiest way is get an old tire and some rope and power walk in a field. Other is chain to a weight plate. Put chain through the hole wrap around waste or loop into a weight belt or vest. 


Weighted carry : find something you can pick up that's about  as close 1/3 your body weight and pick it up and walk with it.  Don't really care how you hold it just pick it up and go. 


Car pushes : push you rents car, use their supervision and out them in the driver seat. Car should be off, however someone does need to be able to operate the brake. 


Renegade rows:


Sled drag:


Carry : 

I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.