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Rugby conditioning

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Was asked to help our men's and lady rugby team with a conditioning plan as our states league is opening spring season this week.  Now rugby requires as much running as soccer with the contact of football with the toughness of wrestling. 


I broke down these aspects in an attempt to create a condition period for the coaches to use at practice. 


1. Distance and tempo : slow jog 50meter, turn and add speed to a faster jog, turn and run back to 50m line, turn and sprint back.  Repeat 5x with 30 secs of breath.

2. Up/down/run over/ sprint : space tackle bags 10 meters from goal to 50m. 3/4 sprint to the bag, perform up/down or grass drill and run over the bag to the next.  Turn and comeback.  5 reps 

3. 4x4 cone drill : create 4 cone square 5 meter between cone.  Have 4, 4 cone squares 50 meters apart so one in each corner from goal to 50m line.  1 person start at each square.   Cone 1-2 sprint, 2-3 shuffle, 3-4 back peddle, 4-1 shuffle. Once you return to 1 sprint to next square and repeat.  2x


This is a lot of running but it's needed in this game.  For youth football ide probably reduce the 50m to 20m.  We will be training several speeds, obstacles, and distance. Each drill which will help "break the lungs in" and help create high Vo2 outout.  These are not meant to be  ran all together, rather pick one and run it.






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One of the drills I worked that i learned from the 27 min i was a rugby player .. 4 square .. have to have 4 coaches ... one at each corner

Spread the cones 10 yards  Line everyone up first guy sprints to the first cone - 1 burpee - sprint to next cone - push up - sprint to next cone another burpee - sprint to last cone another push up get in back of line.  ( once the first guy is done with his 1st burpee the next one goes so that there are 4 going at all times.  - once everyone gets 1 rep each coach pick up a cone and takes 10 steps out.  Then multiple by 2 burpee/pushups  once again once everyone done 10 steps out and multiple x2 (4 burpees/pushups) 


Keep going as far as you can go then reduce back down.  This drill takes a while but the conditioning is intense the kids never really get to rest much and their heart rate is blasted by the end of the drill.