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November 20, 2020 12:19 am  

Our freshman are comming along very well this far the group of (30) has had great attendance and showing a lot of promise this far. Pending another lockdown I'm confident all these guys will progress into the varsity training sessions starting in January.


With 2 workouts completed the main point of contention surprisingly is the post workout stretching.  We don't do very many exercises but when we are done and I call for stretches I get a lot of groans.


There are many publications about why static stretch is beneficial to athletes along with some counter points. The main point I make is recovery.  When you contract a muscle a lot like weight training it needs to elongate again in order to recover and become stronger while reducing injury because of the recovery aspect.  Walking to the shower after a session is leaving advantages for improvement in the weight room.  


Our sessions goes as follows for the freshman 

Dynamic warm up (10 yd distance) down and back (10 mins)

- slow jog


- Kareoke

- single leg ham stretch walks

-single leg quad stretch walks

-single leg knee to chest walks

- side ways lunge and rock

- lean, fall, sprint


Jump and throw (10 mins)

- 20 jumps eat 30-60 sec between reps, variation changes daily

- 15 throws , variations change daily


Training ( 10 kids per station) rotates once everyone is complete. (30 mins)

- dumbell squat . Less than 100lbs - 50 total reps

-- squat with pvc pipe in-between sets - sets of 5

- dips (50 reps total)

- -bench press with pipe in-between sets for 5

- chins or static holds ( 25 reps, or 5 holds longer than 10 secs)

-- power clean with pipe in-between sets for sets of 5. 


Stretching (the groans commence) - 2 'sets' , 30 sec each (10 mins)

- standing feet together hamstring stretch

- sumo stance hammstring stretch

- groin stretch 

- hip flexor

- abs (cobra pose)

- shoulder

- tricep

- lat stretch with partner. 


In 1 hour we accomplish a lot,  ide argue that the last 10 mins in stretching is probably the most important. So to the lurker, research on your own and if you incorporate static stretches, you'll see why I'm so adamant about them.


Stay well

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November 20, 2020 8:49 am  

We do a similar dynamic warm up for practice and some kids have that same groaning enthusiasm as if they were doing it with a fun to their head. I think a big part of the resistance, speaking largely from personal experience, is kids don’t get the same aches and nagging issues that you start to feel when you are even just a little older, so they don’t feel the benefits. They get DOMs from a strenuous lifting session, but that’s like a badge of honor. It’s when things like a stiff lower back kick in when you are in your 20s that you realize what those recovery stretches were all about. 

Side bar: throws and jumps do you use in these workouts?

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November 20, 2020 8:51 pm  


So far we jumped for distance and height.  Next week is the boxes then eventually one leg and jumps seated on a box


Throws have been an on knees this from the chest using hips and everything together to throw a 20lb med ball.  We were lucky enough to get these from a closing neighborhood gym auction :/


I can explain it to you, I can't understand if for you.

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