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Another win for the Wing T

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My Pop Warner QB’s dad is the head JV coach at a local High School. He asked me to come help install some Wing T stuff during spring ball (he’s an “I” guy.)

So we have 10 kids day 1. 14 kids day 2. 6 1st year players. Only 2 real RB’s. QB is pretty good. Smart, big arm. But honestly should probably be a guard or FB (he’s avg height & built nothing like a QB). I get maybe 3 hours total of install in those 2 days. Oh, & I had to adjust my terminology to fit their terminology, all on the fly.

So second day varsity coach wants us to scrimmage against his D. They have about 25 kids out there, starting D intact. Aaaaaaand, we LIGHT THEM UP. One touchdown after another. We’re making line calls & blocking scheme adjustments on the fly.

In a 20 minute session slowed down by some bird dogging and coaching in the huddle, we scored around 8 times. All our scores were either passes, belly sweep, or tackle trap. So we weren’t sustaining long drives of anything, but still, pretty eye opening. All we had in was Belly & Buck series. But we ran both pretty damn well.

Anyhow, just thought i’d share. Another example of the power of the offense. And that it’s really not all that complicated once you get comfortable w/ it.

It's all about having fun.  But losing aint fun!

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This is cool.

I once worked for a varsity HC/DC at a small school who was a truly terrible coach.  His lone defensive coaching point was "fly to the ball."  That was it.  This is the same dude who said he didn't go to clinics because he knew everything already.

Last game of the year was always against a powerhouse Wing-T team.  It was just old-school Buck/Belly/Jet series Wing-T they executed really well.

We were down to 18 healthy bodies going into that game, so when it got time to go to scout team he got the best 11 as his defense and I lined up a 6 man scout O with our starting QB and 5 worst players as the skill players and 5 stepover bags as the OL.

That scout D proceeded to shred our entire varsity starting defense with a 3 play Buck series to the tune of a TD every 3-4 plays WITH NO ACTUAL OFFENSIVE LINEMEN ON THE FIELD.

After about 10 minutes of that, the HC/DC got mad and had everybody line up and do form tackling drills on a popsicle dummy for the rest of the defensive practice.  Then he chewed me out in the coaches' office for embarrassing his defense with "a bunch of trick plays."

That Friday night the score was 56-0 at halftime and their 8th graders took the field midway through the 2nd quarter.