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Counter cutback to go with quick pitch?

Bob Goodman
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Our season having ended, I'm thinking about the things I'd like to do if I can become HC here.  Just today I was thinking about what might be done to improve the hole produced by cross-blocking belly.  Seems a lot of the time if the DE was pressing the outside shoulder of the OT, the DE is going to wind up squeezing down the opening too tight for a G-T cross-block to open.  Sure, the FB could bounce it outside or inside, but considering where he's coming from and the usual lack of speed we have at that position, that may not be fruitful.

But what if you also have quick pitch to the HB?  One pair of plays I don't recall ever seeing in our club, and certainly not installed by any of the teams I coached on, is quick pitch weak and rocket "sweep".  I have in mind doing the quick pitch the way the pros did it in the 1960s, with the QB opening straight to that side, the HB doing a little shuffle to get wider while still having the QB in his eyes, and making a soft toss which the HB would run wide with, either naked or with the uncovered OL on that side skip-pulling to get to where he can seal inside.  I want to install both that and rocket, with the QB opening straight in either case.

Once there's quick pitch on the weak side, the DE may develop the habit of pushing off whoever's blocking him to pursue inside-out.  What if you have a called cutback, where the HB doesn't actually cut back (because he's not actually facing the sideline when he catches the ball), but runs forward thru the B gap?  That could be blocked as for belly, but with the HB instead of FB carrying.  Since there'd be no lead blocking, the play may not be too effective unless the OLB is also flowing outside to cut off the quick pitch at the sideline -- but he very well may be.

Any of you have experience or knowledge of this play combination?

(I'm thinking that on the strong side, we'd already have plenty in the tool box, so no need for a cutback (which would truly be cutting back, because the HB would be running toward the sideline as the pitch leads him) to go with rocket.)