Let's blast friday night tykes some more...  


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December 26, 2016 11:18 am  

Season 3 of Friday Night Tykes is on Netflix now.  I finished watching it a week ago.

The San Antonio Outlaws left the TYFL to join a Snoop Dogg league but they still covered the,  These coaches have terrible mouths.  Every other word is a cuss word or racial slur.  These guys would be booted from our league in no time.  They are a poor example of what a youth coach should be.

The Yoakum Outlaws replaced them.  I called them the Bubba boys because that's what they remind me of.  They have  a bunch of bigggg boys.  But to be fair, they are well disciplines and execute really well.  Unfortunately for them, the refs call bogus fouls against them to even up the playing field.  I see this is common elsewhere as well.

The TYFL's allowance of letting teams make offers to get players to jump ship from one team to another is atrocious.  Granted they have rules against it but the parents freely admit to being offered rent assistance and other monetary offers for their kids to join a specific team.  This is a terrible practice to allow.

A lot of the teams are very poorly coached - in the basics, discipline, fundamentals, etc. 

Whew - I would be embarrassed to be associated with that league.

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December 26, 2016 6:26 pm  

I have only seen pieces and have never watched a full episode..  But of the pieces I have would not fly with our parents, board and especially with myself.  I was very ashamed of what I did see.  I think it would be a model of what not to do as a coach.

I remember when the promos first came out.  I couldn't wait to see it.  My thought what an awesome idea for a show, its right up my alley.  In turn it became such a disappointment. Oh well maybe next time.   

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December 27, 2016 3:41 am  

All of what you guys have said is 100% true- about the show and about what is acceptable in most parts of the country in most leagues

When I did the 2 mandatory clinics for TYFA back in say 2011 in Corpus Christie, I could tell there were going to be issues with some
But there are also some really good guys in that league too- I worked with the New Braunfels Regulators- all good fellas, good coaches and none of the cursing etc

I spoke to and tried to befriend some of the cast after their first season at the wrap up show I did with Mike Martz. Tony Coley and Marecus Goodloe admitted his language was wrong- they seemed to be a bit embarrassed by it and said they were planning on taking steps to improve in that area. I gave them some reasoning as to why it made sense and some ideas on how to make the changes and hold each other accountable. We talked on the phone a number of times and they asked for help in some practice areas- that I freely gave them.

While the actions of these guys is condemnable- I was doubtful from knowing a little bit about them-just coming out and slamming them probably wouldnt have any positive end effect. While I had slammed them in my blog and on the TV show- I always tried to point out some of the positive things they seemed to be doing as well- hoping that a bit of a relationship could be built and they would be open to suggestions etc. I thought they had been reached a bit. But they have been very successful and their parents seem 100% OK with their actions- so these guys didnt have a whole lot of motivation to change. At the end of the day- few changes were made.

OTOH Ive also communicated with the Mission Texas head guy and the newer guy with the Outlaws- I think his name is Clayton. Both were ADAMANT that there was nothing wrong with their language or behaivor. Their reasoning is that they are "keeping it real", that kids hear this type of language every day at school and they are being grown ups about it all. They feel this is language the kids and parents hear and use daily, it's no big deal and anyone that brings it up to them isnt being honest- or is a prude. They think EVERYONE- all competitive and successful coaches EVERYWHERE coach this way and that they are in the majority and they are helping the kids grow up in some odd way. They are very vocal about it- they have a Facebook group.  They also think Texas youth football and their league is superior to anyone- that they play serious football so they live by a different set of rules. They said if you arent in it- in the league and in the community- you dont get it. These guys were extremely hostile and not interested in listening to anyone- especially someone not living and coaching in Texas. They think that because they live in best football state in the US- their coaching and league is tops nationwide- in a different strata- so their equation is different- they arent listening to anyone- no matter the approach.

From a guy that went to College in Texas- lived in Dallas for several years and worked all over the state- travelled it extensively- daily for 2 years from East Tyler/Nacadoches to Midland/Odessa etc in the rough and tumble building materials trade- back then I didnt get a sense that the culture was as they explained. Maybe it's changed or part of a demographic I wasnt exposed to? However- I can tell you- the people I was deeply involved with in Dallas. College Station and San Antonio- didnt act like this at all- they were complete opposites. Prim and proper- almost legalistic- the language I grew up with in the inner city that was common amoung adults in private settings away from children- I really didnt see at all there.

Lately- the last 10 years- Ive probably done  25 clinics in Texas- all the way down in the Valley in McAllen- to the far Northwest Amarillo- I havent seen any of what these guys describe as commonplace. Maybe the guys Im talking to are on their best behaivor ? Why the heck would they care- they get nothing extra from me by doing so- being themselves.

Dont have the answers here- they arent changing and it seems like their parents are either fine with it- or dont care.

Yes here- they would have been booted by 95% of the orgs in our league. Had they made it to the games- the refs and league officials here would have gotten rid of them immediately. No doubt about it.

None of us is perfect- we are all going to make mistakes- especially with a camera recording 100% of what we do- but they were over the top consistent with their mistakes.

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December 27, 2016 8:35 am  

As a Design Builder all my life I lived in two Worlds.

When you pounded your thumb with a hammer  on the job site you didn't say ouch. When you got a nasty paper cut in the office you said ouch.

Its the atmosphere. Dealt with it coaching semi pros. Horrific language and the Refs didn't care. But that does not mean that should carry over to little league. There has to be some standards set because we are dealing with other peoples children. That is the part FNT's misses.

Calling that prudish just goes to show how under-educated some of the Actors on FNT's really are / were. 

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December 27, 2016 8:57 am  

I can assure you that at PSL using profanity ANYWHERE on the fields at any PW event by anyone would have you suspended or maybe even banned. And I would say that we were the most competitive group around and were much more successful than those idiots who think all successful coaches use profanity with their youth teams. What a bunch of chuckleheads. The whole thing is an absolute disgrace.

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December 27, 2016 6:06 pm  

All I will say! 

Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂

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All I will say!