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creating two teams at one age group

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Would like some advice from people who have had to do this before. This is a first for us. We will be fielding two teams at one age group this season. Pop Warner Jr. Pee Wee level.

This is occurring because we have a huge number of Mighty Mites moving up this season, 18 in total, and we have an influx of kids from a neighboring organization that is struggling. Coupled with the Jr Pee Wees we have from 2014 that don't move up to Pee Wee we currently have 40 kids at the Jr. Pee Wee level and I expect we will top out at 50 when registration closes.

My thought it to keep the Mighty Mites together with their coaching staff, most of these boys have played together for 2 years and some longer than that.

We'd keep the returning Jr. Pee Wee players together with their coaching staff. We'd fill the remaining spots on each of the two teams with new sign ups and the kids that came over from the other organization. I'd like to keep the kids from the other organization together and place them on the returning Jr. Pee Wee team so they can keep their cohesion. But I want them to not feel like they aren't a part of our organization as I want them to fully assimilate into our program.

What do you guys think?

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Bob Goodman
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I think you have a sound plan.

Our admin. faces a similar decision every season in our house ball.  Sometimes they've carried teams over, other times dispersed them in a draft.  However, since I've been with them they've never allowed a team to be carried over from one division (class) to another.  I'm pretty sure they would, though, if it weren't house ball and/or if a large majority of them moved up in a given year.  I'm sure you understand the problem of keeping a team together if roughly half of them move up in class in a year -- which half of them is the team?  And it usually has been close to half, given the previous arrangement in 2-year age classes and the fact that coaches draft for age.  But if you have 18 moving up, seems an easy decision.

I'm not sure how to read your math, though.  Do you mean you expect 18 moving up & those remaining + new recruits to total 50 JPWs?  Or do you mean those 18 graduates plus another 50?  Taking 50 to be the grand total in your JPW div., would you consider 3 teams rather than 2?

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2 teams at one level...we play against chapters so big they got 6 teams at 1 level AND A 70 KID WAITING LIST!

J. Potter (seabass)
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It seems to me that you are on the logical track. We thought we were going to be in the exact same position this year and that was our plan. Some things have changed here recently and now that won't be the case.