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Level Up Scrimmage

Dusty Ol Fart
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Ok so I signed us up to scrimmage the 7th grade squad this coming Wednesday.  15 or so plays O and D.  Quick whistle?  You Betcha! 

What am I looking for?  Holding our own!  This 7th Grade squad is big and fast.

I know they are going to break some plays simply because they outweigh us by 60 pounds along the LOS.  I know we are going to struggle to open holes and get yards. 
My thoughts going in?

What plays get us yards.
What plays do we struggle with under pressure?

How do we react to what we see?
How do we mitigate those plays?

Mostly...How do I calm them down to play a more physical team.  How do we use they against them? 

Week one we play a team who has a Man Child on it.  Kids 6" tall 200 lbs in 6th grade. A Straight line Force to be reckoned with. 

If we can hold our own against bigger, older, and faster kids.  We are well prepared to meet just one! 


Not MPP... ONE TASK!  Teach them!  🙂

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I think to play up is great if your team is confident they can play up. If they get destroyed, are you ready to pick them up and regain their confidence? Thats a major setback/practice time for your team.  Your looking for has to be the same thing your player are looking for.  Both situations happened to me. I played our 5th grade squad with my 3/4 team and it worked out great. Then another year we played a 6th grade team that I felt we could handled and it went bad.

Keep their confidence intact and challenge when they are ready, your team will tell you.

Bob Goodman
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Ok so I signed us up to scrimmage the 7th grade squad this coming Wednesday.

Your profile says you coach 6Us.  Most of us understand that to mean 6 YEARS OLD & under.  I think you need to update that, or you're scrimmaging a level way, way, up!

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Not much to lose when playing up.  There is always something positive to talk about afterwards.  And you can frame the post-game a thousand different ways.

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The kids below us want to scrimmage periodically.  Not much in it for us.  They are not as big and we would end up taking it too easy on them.

BTW - in AYF, you are not allowed to scrimmage across divisions (i.e. scrimmage up or down).