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Advice to Teen Wanting to Get into Football  

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No need to excuse yourself. Your pov is actually important. It brings up the reality that a coach need not to have played a sport to coach it. Some people don't understand that and they need to. DP is one of the best coaches on this site and has the creds to prove it. He will also always call out bs if he thinks he sniffs it. Every coach on here has had a preconceived notion about something or another and was wrong. You either learn from being corrected or you don't, your choice.

Another point I'd like to add on to Rob's statement is that it points out that if, by the time he becomes a coach, it turns that that he had never played there may be other coaches on his staff whose trust he is going to have to try that much harder to earn.

As a coach who has never played beyond the Little League level, I can state that it's a challenge that I face almost every season.

And why are y'all going to Burger King anyway? Everybody knows the Frostys at Wendy's are better!

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