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Looking for a quick coach interview

Ben A3210
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Hello to all coaches! I am a college student at a university in search of an interview with a coach, preferably one at the high school level but Jr High is also acceptable. I would like to know your first name (feel free to make one up) and your position, head coach, assistant ect. along with the below questions answered for a paper. I am looking for three different interviews but please feel free to add yours if there is already three posted.

Q:What’s your personal coaching philosophy?

Q:What are your offensive and defensive philosophies? Have these changed over the years? If yes why?

Q:What are the positives of coaching?

Q:What are the negatives of coaches?

Q:What are the qualities of a good coach?

Q:How would one prepare for a career in coaching?

Q:What recommendations do you have for a “rookie” coach?

Q:Is anyone welcome to attend a practice in the upcoming season?

Q:What is your schools mascot?