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1st game results

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Well, our first game went about how I expected with having only 2 practices in 14 days because of rain cancellations, Defense looked really good, Offense looked ok.  ( Could really tell not having those practices hurt)  But all in all I am very happy how our kids played.  We lost 16 to 12.  Tough game.  The teams winning score was during a play where one of our d-lineman just stood up and walked off the field, and the offense snapped the ball before we could call timeout(ran right through his hole all the way to the end zone.)  Kid was having a good game too.  He just said he didn't want to play football anymore, and was upset cause his dad was forcing him too.  I tried everything to get him to come back in and play but he didn't want to at all.  I've never seen anything like that before......On the brighter note my kids didn't give up ether!  Also during half time I had one of my players come up to me and say, " coach, hey coach!, I got hit in the dingy earlier in the game!)  I was not expecting that!  I asked him if he was ok and he said, " ya, i'm fine,  it just hurts to get hit in the dingy with cleats!" lol  3rd graders are amazing lol

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Glad to hear my first game was today we lost 13~0 but they scored on the first play of the game. The most frustrating part it's my oline we have worked the scheme hard and thought we had it down are their any offensive line gurus in here

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We had a bittersweet result. I thought we were in huge trouble against a very good team at the house. We had 2 kids sick and 2 kids throwing up during warm ups. We have been practicing and scrimmaging poorly, so I am expecting a tough game.

The rough part is that the other team's QB got hurt on the first play of the game. Clean hit, but he put his arm down to brace the fall and it broke pretty badly. Both teams were shaken up.

We ended up taking care of business and won 30+-0. I was proud of how well the line played and that we went into a tough place and won. We have our home opener next week and I expect that we will be in good shape.