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Greetings Coaches

For those hungry for some football...

Picked up our 2nd win of the season, 38-6.  This against a talented team, one of the 2 teams generating all the buzz for the championship game.   We’re now 2-0. 

We on-side kick every time.   Even with the bad-guys knowing that, we recovered 3 of them, stripped the kid on a 4th.    Makes Defense easier to coach when you steal 4 of the other team’s possessions.

 We took the opening kick-off, scored on that drive, recovered the onside and scored again, we were up 16-0 in the 2nd Quarter before they ever ran a play.

Unlike last week, no off-sides, no penalties, a clean game for us.     30-0 at half.

Having some trouble with RB’s running past the hole, trying to bounce outside.  I found if we ran the same play again, they’d see it the second time.  Several plays the OLine was just perfect, wish I’d had been able to film them from where I was standing behind the play.    All our scores came off-tackle on Buck Short.  Converted 4 of 5 times.

2nd half:  We kinda dozed off for a bit in the 3rd Q.  They ended the 3rd with a score, which woke our guys back up.  In the 4th we were pretty good, added another score.   Some OLine got some carries.  Always feels good to let the Horses-Up-Front tote the rock.   

Other than 3-4 plays in the 3rd, our Defense was light’s out!

Next week we play the other team who’d been getting all the championship buzz, and rightly so, they are very talented.   We showed a lot of improvement from last week to this, we'll need that much more improvement this week, so we gotta coach 'em up. 

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Wooow.....Nice job coach ! ? 


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