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October 22, 2019 7:23 am  



We played another so so team. We were missing 2 starters on O and D. Lots of time for my MMPs. We had 1 pic and 2 fumble recoveries. D was solid even with taking my stud MLB and DE's out. D was dominating. O was at 50-60%. The best part of this game was the ability to get the MMP players scores. Every player that is eligible to score did score. Team mom ( who is the best ever) had her son score on a sweet td pass (TE chip pass to the weak side) She went nuts. Her son has been playing for 3 years and never has been thrown the ball or carried the ball.

We ended the regular season 9-0. Giving up a total of 33 points. We have not given up a point in the last three games.

On to the playoffs!

Congrats coach, Go get em

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October 29, 2019 8:10 am  

1st round playoffs 28-26

Close game. D was awful. I could not get a contain on the the far side of the field to save my life.  We had 2 picks and 1 fumble recovery, but O gave away 4. Good to have a tight game, but film shows a few players on the outside wanted to play hero ball instead of positions. Yesterday we had a heart to heart about how a defense has to work as a team and do your assignments. I asked the players why they thought they should not contain. I got the " well I thought you said ........" . I went over base D assignments again. ran live full D 1/2 side vd 1/2 O for 1 hour. It was fantastic.

On to our Superbowl Saturday.

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