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2020 Recap

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Sorry that I haven't posted in awhile... the schedule got really crazy! The Vikings played four games in the last seven days, while the Ravens played three in during that span.

Tonight, I capped off the season by leading the Vikings to a 13-8 victory over the Ravens. Both teams went 5-3, tying for second place (two losses versus the top team, one loss to each other).

The best part about the season was that the two teams were virtually even all season long. The only real difference was when we played the top team. The Vikings limited them to 21 points (their season low) whereas the Ravens were the only team to score on them all year, dropping a heartbreaker 26-13 (with a TD coming in garbage time).

What made the season so memorable was that they were two completely different teams. The Ravens ran sweeps, powers, and reverses better than any team I've ever coached -- and they excelled from both the Single Wing and the Double Wing. The Vikings were more of an under center Single Wing team that ran ISO and Counter until the other team stopped it. Defensively, the Ravens played the 4-4 and the 6-2 well, whereas the Vikings did much better running the Gap - Air - Mirror... they only allowed one TD over the final three games of the season.

The only thing I regret about the 2020 campaign is that a number of deserving players from my squads did not make the All-Star team. I'll have to win more games next year to prevent that from happening (e.g. the first place team took 15-20 players and only a handful from the other teams).

I'd like to thank all of you -- especially @32wedge, @rpatric, @coachDP, @gumby_in_co (and anyone else I might have accidentally forgot) -- for helping me prepare for this season. This was my most successful campaign yet... and I can't wait to get back out there next year.

Even though basketball starts in two weeks, I'll still be out here pestering everyone throughout the offseason!

Coach Terry

Fight 'em until Hell freezes over, then fight 'em on the ice -- Dutch Meyer

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