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7 games in, doubled last 4 years' combined wins!  

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The last time I posted here, we had won just the second game in over 4 years at this high school.  They had 3 consecutive winless seasons, then finally snapped that to go 1-9 in 2018.

We've already doubled that this season with 3 games to go.

We opened 1-2 and were double digit underdogs in each of our first 3 games, but had legit chances to win both.  We led 28-8 at halftime of the first, only to collapse in the second half and lose by a TD, then dropped our second one by a TD as well.  Then we won against a team nobody thought we could beat on the road.  It was sweet.  Unfortunately, that was followed by a murder's row of brutal, physical opponents.

The first was a team that averages like 290lbs up front on the offensive and defensive lines (we're barely over 200 on offense and like 190 average on defense) and had a 4.4 speedster of a RB who'd popped off for 250 yards in 3 consecutive games when he wasn't hurt.  Conversely, we were without 5 of our top 7 DTs and started a 150lb converted LB there.  We were in it at halftime, but in the second half they just got in the I formation and mashed our defense with Iso up the middle over and over again behind that huge OL.  We lost by 3 TDs.

The next week we played the #5 team in the classification above us, a team that's got college prospects everywhere and has only lost 1 game in 2 years, which was in the semifinals of last year's playoff.  We got blown out there.  We were down about 8 starters, when you consider the 2 way starters we were missing.  Our kids fought, but there was just too much speed and raw talent on both sides of the ball for us to hang with them.

Then we followed that up the next week by playing the 2 time defending state champs for homecoming and got shellacked once again, but our kids fought hard to the end.  We were still only at about half strength.  Our roster of 60 had dwindled to slightly more than 30 healthy bodies.  We made it through this one healthy, at least, and held our own against a vastly superior DL.

However, we didn't give up.  In a game against an old cross-county rival, we rebounded from all of that to win our second game of the season last night.  Things started off ugly, with a lot of phantom penalties and mistakes costing us in the first half, but we got on the kids at halftime and challenged them to take control on defense.  We limited them to 50 yards and 0 points in the second half before taking the win.

I know 2-5 doesn't sound like much, and in most places it wouldn't be, but we've got 3 games to go and a possible playoff spot is in play for the first time in 16 years at this school.  The kids on this team have already won more games this year than the previous senior class did in their entire career.  I love this team and the guys I get to coach with.  I am blessed to be here and deeply grateful.