8u Patriots Game 4

8u Patriots Game 4  


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October 2, 2019 6:51 pm  

I'll preview my remarks by quoting Lloyd Bridges from Airplane!... "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking..."

We had a great few days of practice. Even though we were playing the first place team, I felt good about our chances heading into the game.

It didn't work out. Our KB defense was in position to make plays, we just simply didn't come up with tackles (or bit on the fake). The offense was running the ball pretty effectively, but we had a few bad snaps that derailed our drives. We ended up losing 32-0.

The kids seemed really surprised at the end of the game when I didn't scream and yell (that's just not my personality). I simply told them that we'd get back to practice tomorrow, go over our mistakes, and rep them until we got them right. They busted their tails this evening...

And all I could think of in the back of my mind was a comment made in another thread about hating to lose. I kept a poker face until I got home.. then I walked a few miles to calm down. Even the dog was tired afterwards...

On to Game 5...

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October 3, 2019 4:31 am  

Coach...at  it is hard to overcome mistakes like missed tackles and muffed snaps...getting behind the chains is death to most young teams...I was watching scout film last night of our upcoming opponent...they lost to a lesser team...because of mistakes...they had 5 pre-snap penalties, 3 holding penalties....they played from behind the chains most of the afternoon and could not overcome it.

Good news...what you described can be fixed...missed tackles is a confidence thing at 8 (or technique, i.e. too high and they bounce off)...muffed snaps can also be fixed...figure out if its the QB or the C or both, trouble shoot and fix it...once a week I will have the QB and C take snaps throughout the warmup period, because its important. Drill the snot out of where they are deficient...put them in matchups they can win...success breeds confidence....misdirection...I haven't figured out a way to cure that...except to tell them to attack their area of the field first, then pursue...or you are fired 🙂 and yes...I have told some of my 8 year olds that I would fire them if they did not do their job...

Win or Lose...my post game "speech" is pretty much the same...don't get to high, don't get to low...go home enjoy the rest of the weekend...we will look at the film and work on fixing our mistakes in next week's practices 🙂 because we allow mistakes on our team, because we are going to learn from our mistakes...we win, or we learn 🙂

None of them suck, they just haven't found what the kid is good at yet.

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October 3, 2019 5:29 am  

If you don't beat yourself, you'll win most of the games. While that's true at any level, it's especially true at the youth level where many teams are intent on beating themselves.


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