8u Patriots Game 6

8u Patriots Game 6  


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October 12, 2019 2:25 pm  

This was the first morning game that we've played all season. I got everyone there at 9:30 and had the coaches warm them up since I was coaching the flag team in the other field until 9:45.

Unfortunately, my team didn't show up until midway through the first quarter. The other team hit a couple of reverses on the second series and was in position to take the lead.

It didn't happen.

After I reminded the kids that we'd been sticking people all week long in practice, the kids finally woke up. The other team had first and goal at the 7 and didn't score. They had another opportunity after we went three-and-out, but we forced a fumble inside the 10. We fumbled the ball on the next play, giving them one more shot. I moved Mike into the B Gap (since we can't run Gambler because of the A Gap rule) and forced a fumble. I ran a guard reverse on the next play to get us out our own end zone.

In the second half, the offense decided to make an appearance. I ran Beast Tank 15 times in a row (had the ball the entire third quarter). On fourth-and-goal at the one, my QB dropped the snap and had a knee down. Two plays later, we stopped them in the end zone for safety. On the ensuing play, our FB busts a big run to get us another first and goal. We get stopped on downs again -- on fourth down our center wanted to crush the MLB and just didn't get the snap up. While the other team got the ball out of the end zone, the didn't pick up a first down. We ran out the clock to win 2-0.

It's a baseball score, but I'll take it!

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