8u Patriots Games 2...

8u Patriots Games 2 and 3  


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September 30, 2019 5:46 am  

We had two games last week, so I thought I'd post out here about it.

Thursday's game was interesting to say the least. Thanks to a couple of penalties, my defense was on the field for the entire first quarter and part of the second. Fortunately, we kept them out of the end zone, but we only had four minutes to score. We ran out of time, but marched all the way to their 20.

In the the second half, we ran Beast Tank (Power) 14 plays in a row to go up 6-0. I ran a FB Wedge for the PAT. After forcing a four-and-out, we took over again. My RB ran 55 yards to get deep inside their territory. Unfortunately, he was horse collar tackled and landed on his thumb (more on that below). He had to come out of the game and we weren't really the same. However, his backup on defense had a great final series, stopping them one yard short of the game-tying PAT. We won 7-6.

Saturday's game was Murphy's law: what can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the worst possible time. We found out an hour before kickoff that our top RB/S will miss the rest of the season with a broken thumb (see above). Despite me telling the parents to have the kids there 45 minutes early, I only had 10 at kickoff. While the 11th player showed up on the second series, player 12 showed up with 1 minute to go before half.

Even though we got beat 18-0, I was really proud of our kids. The first score came when we had 10 players on the field. The second and third scores were late in the respective halves when our kids thought they stepped out. The silver lining in that cloud is that on the third one, I heard the backside corner telling his teammates that, "Coach said to play until the whistle blows, he's only said it like 10,000 times". Even without our best RB, the offense moved the ball between the 20's, we just couldn't punch it in.

We've got practice tonight and another game tomorrow... will check back in Wednesday!

Coach Terry

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