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Big Shiny Trophy...

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How to parse this without sounding like a pompous ass...oh hell, I don't care if I Dawgs won it on Saturday 🙂

26-0 against a well coached team...defense was stellar...we allowed only 2 first downs...and the offense was steady...and really good in the 4th quarter...we force a punt on the last play of the 3rd quarter...they never got the ball back, we scored with about 1:30 left putting the game into the fast clock. I was actually going to kneel it out, we needed to run one more play then we could...the one more play scored...

Tip of the hat to the opponent, they had a surprise for us, and it really messed with our blocking schemes...they were twisting and slanting and stunting up front...first opponent who had done that all season, and we had to make some adjustments on the fly...but the twisting made it really hard to run between the tackles...but we were able to get the edge on them so stretch and jet sweep worked pretty well.

I thought we had a really good season, not just from a score board perspective...we had 14 boys and I felt we got production out of 13 of of them just did not want to be him, we put him in a position where we could get him help...

Next up, spring...

None of them suck, they just haven't found what the kid is good at yet.

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Congrats Chris.

Great job coach

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How to parse this without sounding like a pompous ass...oh hell, I don't care if I Dawgs won it on Saturday

Attaway Chris!  🙂


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Congrats to you and your boys.


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