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Championship Game

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I think I mentioned this in another forum, but the 8U team won the championship game 6-0. We went shoe-to-shoe on the offensive line, and had each lineman reach block since they outside gapped us. While we only scored once, we moved the ball well for most of the evening. 

I am really proud of this group. The team we played Monday demolished us in the Jamboree and the offensive line took most of the heat for it. After that contest, I challenged them to get a little better every time they stepped on the field. That's exactly what they did, rolling to a 9-0 record. Those boys deserve all the credit... which is why I made sure the offensive line was the first group to get a picture with the trophy.

Now that the season is in the books, I need to start figuring out where to coach next year. While I really enjoyed coaching the line -- probably the most coachable group I've ever had -- I missed working with all position groups as I've done in the past. Things like teaching the OLB's to ricochet, guards to pull, or RB's to get through the hole so they're not cut down by defenders from the other side of the field... I wasn't permitted to do those things this year. It felt very different. 

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Congrats coach. Nothing more rewarding than seeing the hard work manifest itself in that kind of improvement from the 1st week to the last week. 

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TPJ, you definitely should have your own gig.


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