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November 11, 2019 5:06 am  

Semi finals...with only 4 teams in our age group, everyone makes the semis...during our bye week we only practiced once, the city closed the grass, we practiced on Friday...the league assigned us a lighted field for Monday, Wednesday and Friday....Monday's practice started rough, probably because of the week off...but it smoothed back out...the city closed the grass for rain on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...we managed to find an indoor space for our Wednesday practice at an indoor soccer place and considering the distracting change in venue we had a pretty good practice...Friday, sharp walk through...feeling good...

Show up for Saturday's pre-game...offensively, the boys are sloppy, slow off the ball, sloppy mesh points...I stop it down, ask them if they want me to go tell coach we concede...they tell me no...and we restart...and things look better....because it is the semis, they have striped shirts working the clock and the chains...and because of all of these extra bodies...and the Veterans day weekend...we get a late start as they honor all the vets during the coin toss...which we lose, but they deferred....

1st down, power +22, then we call veer and the snap sails over the QB's head bounces around the backfield and we fall on it for a 2 yard loss...ISO +2, empty all go falls incomplete, we call it again and we get pressure...QB pulls it down and runs, picks up 3...turn over on downs...

They take over at their for a gain of three...then throw a really goofy looking pass, which should be dead at the LOS, but we over run it and they take it down to the 3 after a gain of 39. 1st down, no gain, second down, they pick up 2...3 and goal from the 1, no gain...4th and gain...we turned them away 🙂

First play from our own one...power...the center launches the snap and the bad guys fall on it...we block their kick 6-0 bad guys...we get the center and the QB on the sideline (QB just looked at the ball in a disgusted manner as it sat on the ground, and the center, well he launched it) them up while we are blocking the point...

Call Power again (snap is good) +15, then stretch, +8, then ISO and the H back runs into the snap somehow, but he falls on it for a loss of 1., we call ISO again, as on the previous play we had torn a hole in the defense...and it goes 33 yards for the score, kick is good 8-6.

1st down they get 4, 2nd +2, third +1, 4th and 3, they run left and get the set of downs...they lose one on 1st down, second down they pick up 2, try another goofy pass that falls to the ground...4th and 9, and they run the same play they did on the last 4th down...a lead into the C gap...and they tear off 17...trying to figure out what happened, so we watch 1st down +1....and notice our right DE is coming up the field instead of crashing across the T's face...we coach him up...and he starts doing his job...2nd down, +2, 3rd down, +3....4th and 3....they get one, we get the ball back on our 16...

1st down, Stretch +5...then Power and it breaks it breaks big +49 and the score...kick is no good 14-6.

They take over...and try and throw on first down, pressure, QB rushes the throw, and MIKE picks it and takes it in for the score...kick is good...22-6.

Their next possession they net minus 2 yards and turn it over on downs, giving us a short field (18 going in)...with about a minute to go until half...

1st down, we call slant arrow and complete the ball on the arrow for 11 yards...we call it again and we miss...then we call Power and one of our G's gets beaten badly and we lose we empty it out and call all go...and our F drops it in the end zone...4th and goal from the 10 with about 30 seconds left...we decide to try a FG (we checked the range pre-game and we decided we could try it from the 10 and in...we miss by about a foot....they get the ball for two plays...they get 1 on first down, and then fumble it away to us as time expires in the half...

They get the ball coming out, lose 5 yards and turn it over on downs giving us a short field again...we run power +2, then a play pass off power action, and get hit for holding..., we try slant arrow again and miss...3rd and 18, we empty it out and call all go...and we get hit for holding again....and they elect to enforce it...3rd and 28...we empty it out again and the jump offsides...3rd and 23, we are empty and call a fast screen to the left...which is complete, and our guy runs down the sideline for the score, kick is good 30-6.

They get the ball and get 5 yards on their 4 plays, give us the short field one more time...1st down, stretch +1...then we call the same play and have the QB boot naked instead of handing it...+20...1st and goal from the 5...we call ISO and the QB (who is still wearing the splint on his off hand) bobbles the snap a little bit...and instead of trying to make the mesh (thank goodness) he takes it and outruns everyone to the corner for the score...kick is good...38-6 and we are now in the fast clock.

4th quarter begins and they fumble on 1st down and we recover on their 19...Power +1, Veer for 0, stretch for 11 and the score...kick is good...46-6. They get the ball with the clock running run 3 plays and lose 14 yards and the clock

We are playing for the big shiny trophy at the big stadium next Saturday...

None of them suck, they just haven't found what the kid is good at yet.

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November 12, 2019 3:03 am  

Good job and go get it Chris

2 Things my offense will always have is a Wing and a Wedge

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