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Division Champs but lost in double overtime in 2nd round of League playoffs

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We finished the regular season at 10(2preseason games)-0. It was a magical regular season as we led the league in scoring and defense (245 for.. 38 against) to win our division.  Our only scare all year was a 6-0 win.
We won of first playoff game convincingly. The second playoff game was against the team that we beat 6-0 during the regular season.

Very uncharacteristic game for us. They won the toss but deferred to the 2nd half. The first kickoff was an onside kick and went through the hands of our best receiver. They recovered and scored on the very first play right up the gut. The next kick off we recovered but turned it over on a short yardage play. The next series they punched us up the gut and we missed tackles throughout the drive. Linebackers were stuck in sand. The missed tackles and penalties would be a common theme for the rest of the game. We made some spectacular goal line stands but we also gave up long runs behind missed tackles. 

In the 4th quarter they stopped us with a goal line stand at the end regulation to send it to overtime 27-27. The first over time was a 8 minute regular quarter and each team scored once. With 3 seconds left they stopped our QB sneak on the goal line. The score was 33-33 at the end of 1st OT. In the 2nd overtime the format went to the college format with each team getting the ball on the 10yard line with 4 tries to score. We won the toss but failed to score after 4 tries. During their series they punched us off tackle with the fullback, missed tackled, for 5 yards. Next play we stopped for 2 yards. They eventually scored on a toss right to the same back. 3 hours of football and game was over.. 39-33 loss.

Thinking about pregame... the temps dropped and it was cold. Our best lineman called in sick and another kid needed to leave at a certain time for a birthday party. Our normal fiery hitting during pregame sounded like a Charmin tissue convention. We had more penalties, fumbles and missed tackles in this game than we did all year. As the HC/DC,  I feel terrible cause we threw everything including the kitchen sink at them. We gave up more points in this game than we did all year combined  My boys left it all on the field. No excuses from us.

This is one I will keep replaying in my head.

Taking away nothing from the other team they played a great game and are hands down favorite in the city championship game next week.

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another kid needed to leave at a certain time for a birthday party.

Wow.  ::)


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Championship game and a kid leaves for birthday party?!!,😡😡😡