First Season as Var...

First Season as Varsity HC finished.  


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October 19, 2019 12:25 pm  

We won our final game of the season, 58-30. Next week's game will be forfeited to the top team in our conference. They have 25+ to out 8. So officially, we will be 2-7. We forfeited 5 games. First game, we forfeited while leading 30-28 in the 4th quarter. Second game, we forfeited after being down 36-0 in the 3rd quarter. Totally cancelled our 3rd game due to lack of numbers. We forfeited another game down only 12-0 with seconds to go in the first half before another injury cut that game short. And the finale will be forfeited.

Highlights and lowlights in what was our rivalry game. Penalty flags were flying all over the place for unsportsmanlike conduct and personal fouls from both teams. Fans from both sides were ejected from the field. Didn't know rivalry games could be this intense. The opposing coach is a young guy who I really like. He's just a nice guy. In the line, I apologized for some of the players on my team and he did likewise. He's also a first year HC and was also surprised at the intensity of this rivalry. We're fine!

TB: 18-165-4 (16 total for season)
WB: 7-79-1
FB: 7-108-2
We put in a WR reverse that went for a 23 yard TD.
In the opponent's opening series, our OLB/FB strips the ball from the RB and scoots 50 yards to the 1. I want him to score for his effort, but he fumbles in the end zone. No TD.
We have 2 TD called back on penalties.
We complete our first and only pass of the season.
Our band gets penalized for playing during an extra point and kickoff.

It was definitely fun, but not what I envisioned. After playing with 10 players opening week, and losing 2 to injuries, it was iron man football for the rest of the season. We played week after week with just 8 players and miraculously came out fairly unscathed. The good news is that I will be losing only 2 players next season as the core of my team is 5 Juniors that will move up. We have 2 underclassmen, so hopefully, we can generate interest to pickup at least 4 more. We do have 2 committed 8th graders for next year.

While our record certainly does not reflect it, this team has done what not too many teams would be able to do. They went in week after week knowing that we were just 1 injury away from ending our season sooner. In fact, we had discussed that several times. I know one thing. This team has shown what they can do when the odds were against them. Next season, they will go to the mountain top.

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October 23, 2019 4:41 am  

Wow, congrats coach.  Those are some major challenges to overcome yet remain competitive and still have something to build on.  Where there is a will, as they say.  What kin of feeder programs are local?  I know our HS HC is always involved with our town's 2 programs.

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October 23, 2019 6:11 am  

There is always much to learn from reflection.  The short Roster is always a concern.  Yet it seems you were able to establish a foundation.  That and 2 Victories can be a great leverage tool build on for next season. Grab  2 or 5 more kids and perhaps the forfeits are relieved from your concern.    Always something to think about, tweak, or toss out. 

Congrats Coach. 

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