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Game 2 - Really Ugly but a W

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  13-12 win over a much larger feeder program but a team I don't think is half as talented as us.

  I got out-coached today, and our offensive execution was.....well.....offensive.  Our defense, on the other hand was lights out,  (one of their TD's was a defensive TD). On the one offensive TD they scored, I had us in the wrong defense.  We fumbled 5 times and lost all of them.  We did not block well.  We hit two reverses for TD's and didn't block well for the second one, our Z just put a heckuva stiff arm on the tackler and turned on the burners.
  It is apparent I am spending too much time with the backs and not enough time with the line.  Now that install is done, I'm going to work primarily with the line for the rest of the season.  Our execution and effort was poor today.  We wont beat a good team with line play like we had today.

  Still, this team won 1 game last season so I am trying to keep my expectations in check.  We have to coach em up and get better.