Game 6 Loss 19-6

Game 6 Loss 19-6  


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October 3, 2020 2:29 pm  

Well with some input from DP we went back to some basics . work on getoffs. work on pad level and break down. We did not have scout film on these guys but D did ok. In the first half we let them score the 19 points. ( our offense never punts so they started on our 35 :()  There was very little running on us. It was all about the big pass plays to thier taller kid Os. One TD was a blown coverage by my CB with a TE relase  with Diamond formation on the other side. ( my fault there. CB was confused. Thought OLB was taking him)  The other TD was just a taller kid making a play. My FS was in perfect position, but you cant teach hight 🙂 - Right there I knew I need to step up bringing the pressure. My line is not a pressure generating group. So I started bringing edge pressure. Second half we had 3-4 pics and gave up nothing. O was having a hard time on the ground. We had sweep success, but nothing inside. We tried to pass but today our Q had a bad day. 3 picks if I recall. So back to the drawing board.

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