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Rob where did those teams go? We played Royal Palm Beach in the 2013 Regional Playoffs and now I see that they are no longer in Treasure Coast. Looks like 5 or 6 teams gone since 2013?

Royal Palm is still here. We just lost one of the best associations in the conference in Delray Beach. They usuaully put all of their teams in the playoffs. We lost Boca as well I believe who was always solid and seemed to be building a good program. Parkland left last season and they are very good. Our conference covers too large of a geographical area so travel becomes a pita. Since 2013 I believe we have lost 5 associations.  Broward county needs a conference. Parkland went to the Miami conference because the travel was shorter for them to go south(that is one story I heard, I've heard others as well). There are a bunch of really good non Pop Warner teams in Broward that might come over to Pop Warner if there was a conference in the area. A difficulty arises in our area if the southern teams form another conference. The TCFC will shrink down to a very small conference. We lost Vero Beach 2 years ago and Okeechobee a few years before that. A conference comprising of the northern Palm Beach, Martin and St Lucie county teams would not field many teams. I hate playing teams twice or even 3 times if you make the playoffs.

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