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Season Opener

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Season opener….  Some  things are just inexplicable. 

For some reason,  our opponent dropped the beast and came out in standard I formation and Shotgun offense.  I really do not get it.  They showed up with wrist coaches, came out with a lot of passing but only completed 2 and we intercepted them twice, knocked down 2 others.  Only ran their stud QB a couple times. They had several bad shotgun snaps dribble along the ground or go over the QB’s head.   I am at a loss, just do not understand it.

Defensively, their Dline is no joke.  Our Oline got its baptism under fire, today.  They got battle-tested!  We lost fumbled snaps in our 1st and 3rd possession.   Our Center and QB got adjusted to their pressure and got it fixed, but I was having some bad Déjà vu from last season, for a while there.  Our RBs really came thru, I don’t know if they are better than I think, or, if it was just their day to shine, but all 3 showed some real toughness and moxie.  After the game they were being called 'the 3 headed monster' by the fans. 

Once again, Buckshort chewed up ground for us, our HB scored on it once.  We picked up big yards and 2 scores on Belly to the weakside (the HB leads for the FB, it’s our Iso play)  and our WB picked up some big, field flipping plays (bucksweep to the open side), when we needed them, he didn’t score, but was golden all day.

It was hard fought, hard-hitting (lots of tears shed on both sides, but kids refused to leave the game) an unusually physical contest on a brutally hot and humid day, for 8 & 9 yr olds.   I am so proud of our kids and their 20-7 victory. 

We came prepared to stop the beast, but adjusted quickly and easily enough with our Split 4 Defense.   Considering the physicality of the game, I;m not so sure we won it, so much as they lost it by getting out of the Beast, on what appears to be short notice.    Life, who can explain it?

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