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Vikings Game 3

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The Vikings won their second game of the year 12-0.

While that might sound solid, it was a lot closer than the final score would indicate. The other team held the ball for most of the first quarter -- in fact, we only ran one play. Then, we went three and out. Fortunately, we recovered a fumble, and were able to punch that one in. The second half was more of the same. With about three minutes in the fourth quarters, we stopped them on down inside the 10-yard line. I ran a Beast Right 12 Blast trying to kill the clock and my RB appeared to be stopped before he cut back and took it to the house.

I've got to give the other team credit, they ran that GAM almost perfectly, never letting anything outside. Fortunately, my two big men were blocking their defenders 2 yards back on every play. I think I ran 12 and 13 a dozen times each!

On to Tuesday... where my two teams play each other!

Coach Terry

Fight 'em until Hell freezes over, then fight 'em on the ice -- Dutch Meyer

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